About Us

It is our goal to maintain a stable food supply chain. 

Whether it be a time of peace or of crisis, we believe your family deserves delicious fresh nutritious food on your dinner table.

Access to healthy fruits and vegetables should not be expensive, it should be affordable. 

In America there is so much waste of food that is imperfect, rejected by looks, and/or assigned industry food standards, of which attributes to that waste.

Farmers, Growers, whose overages are thrown in landfills that are perfectly delicious and healthy.

Our desire is to help your community to access these imperfect nutritious foods.

It is our commitment to take responsible action in bringing nutritious food to communities across this country in times of peace and of crisis.

To encourage and educate practices of food self sustainability and reconstituting the soil of the land.

“We embrace our moral obligations as Americans for America.”

“We are the people, the guardians of freedom, protectors of history, and builders of the future.”

Steffen Rowe/aka/Tank

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